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An Unexpected Danger of Censhorship
A test of Vietnam Prodigy was suspended because anti-smut software was overloaded, triggered too often by repeated use of the word "sex." Because tonal marks required by the Vietnamese language are not correctly shown on the computer screen, Vietnamese users rely on Roman letters to indicate those marks, causing the letters "sex" to show up in about 85% of all messages. (Agence France-Presse 4/1/95 by way of Edupage)


What's the Big Deal?
The Times Mirror poll released last week ranked the public's interest and awareness on welfare and Medicare ahead of the O.J. Simpson trial. (Nando Times 8/29/95)


Do you have what it takes
By the year 2000, 60% of the new jobs will require skills held by only 20% of the existing population. (Business Week)


The truth comes out at last
David Henkel-Wallace <> (who doubts that he's the first one to have noticed this) points out that "information superhighway" is an anagram for "New utopia? Horrifying sham." (from The Network Observer by Phil Agre)


The decline of Western Civilization
"I watch 'Baywatch.' It taught me how to save people," said 11-year-old Eric Valencia who pulled his 8-year-old cousin from the bottom of a swimming pool last weekend. "This goes to show the power of positive television," said the show's star, David Hasselhoff. (from the Hollywood Reporter, by way of Fitz's Shoptalk)

Top Ten Anagrams for "Netscape Communications"
  10. Companies can't consume it.

  9. I cannot compute sans mice.

  8. Can't access 'net...I'm on opium.

  7. Um, options scam can entice.

  6. Net's uncommon capacities.

  5. Connect communities, ASAP.

  4. Mosaic IPO, etc., can stun men.

  3. Optimum 'net access: an icon.

  2. Connect it up; amass income.

  ...And the number one anagram for "Netscape Communications:"

  1. Mosaic, minus neat concept.

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