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Browser Compatibility

Most of the my pages make use of tables, which are supported by the current versions of most major browsers (such as Mosaic, Netscape Navigator, and Microsoft Internet Explorer). I also use various Netscape extensions to HTML to enhance the appearance of the pages; browsers other than Netscape Navigator may or may not support these tags. If your browser doesn't display my home page properly, you can use the table-free version instead.

Because these are my personal pages, I have decided that enhanced presentation is more important than universal viewability. My discussion of why I did what I did (coming soon) will elaborate on this issue.

Navigation Bars

My site has several features designed to make it easy to get around. Most pages have a "navigation bar" at either the top or the bottom of the page that looks something like this:


...or a graphical icon bar that looks like this:

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These bars are context-sensitive, which means they change depending on which page you are currently viewing.

The bar will always have an entry that takes you up to the LOUNGE, which is my central home page. From the lounge, you can get an overview of everything on this site.

Beyond the lounge, the -k- page is broken up into six sections: THE AUDITORIUM, THE WEB, ABOUT ME, MY STUFF, OTHER STUFF, and LISTS. You can find descriptions of what each of these sections contains in the lounge. Depending on which page you're viewing, the navigation bar will contain either links to the top pages of each section, or links to the various sub-pages within the section you are currently in, as well as a link back up to the top page of that section.

The page you are currently viewing (in the case of the navigation bar shown above, it would be the Frequently Asked Questions or "FAQ" page), is shown on the navigation bar in plain text, while the other pages in the section are in boldface as links.

The navigation bars also contain a question mark icon that takes you to this help page in case you get stuck.


The Index Page

I also have an index page that provides a hierarchical list of all of the pages on this site.


I hope you enjoy your stay here; please send me feedback if you have any other questions or suggestions.


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Copyright 1995, 1996 by Kevin Werbach. Last updated June 2, 1996.