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This is the Whirrled Home Page. The Whirrled pages are still under construction, as is the Whirrled project itself. But those who ignore the coming of Whirrled are doomed to marginalization and obsolescence. The twenty-first century is getting closer every day....


Whirrled is about who we are, and about the world we live in. Who are we? 'We' are the children of the digital age, Generation X, the kids of the Baby Boomers, whatever. We are linked together by the startling power of the new communications revolution, and enmeshed in a web of cultural conditions that are only imperfectly understood. Technology is an essential element of the universe we move in, but technology alone does not define us. We are often confused, unsure about what we want out of life, unwilling to acquiesce to the expectations and ideals of the previous generation. Yet let there be no mistake: we will rule the world at the dawn of the 21st century.

The Whirrled project is a multifaceted effort to examine our world from the inside. The project will include not only traditional print materials, but also interactive online sources of information and discussion.

Whirrled is a creation of Werbach Propaganda.

We're working hard to make Whirrled a reality. More material will be added to this site soon....

Check out some sample draft pages for our forthcoming book, Whirrled: A Survival Guide for the 21st Century.

Discover the ten principles for the 21st century, before it's too late.

Read more words of Whirrled, hot off the cathode ray tube.

If you crave more information on the Whirrled project, send EMail to whirrled@werbach.com.


This page and all pages of Whirrled material on this site are
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Last updated August 23, 1996.

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