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The auditorium is a place to gather and share experiences. If you've been here before, you can find out What's New on my site. I encourage you to sign the Guestbook, and to see what other visitors have written. If you have a question for me, please check my Frequently Asked Questions list first. If that doesn't provide the answer, or you want to leave a comment about something on these pages, you can use the Feedback page.

Bare Bones Guide
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I have a great deal of information for creators of World Wide Web pages. The highlight is my Bare Bones Guide to HTML, a comprehensive "cheat sheet" for Web developers. The Guide includes all the tags in the official HTML specification, plus Netscape and Microsoft extensions, and is available in over 20 languages. I also have thoughts on good HTML design, an HTML frequently asked questions list, and the WWW Help page, which has links to various other resources for Web page designers. Finally, don't miss the Home Page Hall of Fame, a shrine to my favorite personal home pages.


Anyone who puts this much effort into creating a home page must have a big ego, right? This section has some information about the designer of these pages, Kevin Werbach, including a brief bio, my curriculum vitae, and a few of my favorite things. Want to see me in action? Check out my photo gallery. There was an article about me in the August 1997 issue of Wired magazine.

Page o' Stuff
He Who Smelt It

This section has some of my original writings and other material. You can explore a maze of thought-provoking epigrams; surf along my stream of consciousness thoughts; or read some of my published writings on literature and society in pre-revolutionary Russia, dictionaries and the law, and other subjects. If you are interested in telecommunications policy and the Internet, take a look at my presentation from the Fall Internet World 1996 conference. There is also the inimitable he who smelt it page, and other goodies. My FCC Working Paper, "Digital Tornado: The Internet and Telecommunications Policy" is also now available. Check out my new Weblog!

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Ten Principles
Whirrled Words

What is Whirrled, you ask? Whirrled is a multifaceted effort to capture the oncoming shockwave of societal transformation, and to bottle it like soda pop for mass consumption. Among other things, Whirrled is a survival guide for the 21st century, a collection of meditations on life and cyberspace, and the voice of a new generation.

Home Pages

Here are the inevitable lists of links to other Web pages. My general Hotlist, circa 1997, linked to sites that I found intriguing or useful, but nowadays I primarily use my News page for sources I check regularly. You can also view a list of home pages of people who have visited this site.
CREDITS All page design and graphics on this site are my original work; form processing and other scripts are based on Matt's Script Archive. Due to time constraints, I'm not currently taking on any Web design projects, but please send me email if you're interested in advertising on this site.

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Internet Roadkill Award -- August 6, 1996
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