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This page lists my favorite personal home pages. Personal pages are one of the most exciting things about the World Wide Web, because they allow people to show off their creativity and individuality. These pages are a totally novel communicative medium -- chances are that without the Internet I would never know about, let alone find out so much information about, the people whose pages are listed here.


    Oustanding Personal Pages
      All of these pages have something that distinguishes them from the run-of-the-mill. If your page gets listed here, you are entitled to display the prestigious Home Page Hall of Fame logo, shown above (ooh! aaah!)
      1. Heather Champ. Explorations in interface design and content by a graphic designer.
      2. Steve Hammer. Includes his humor columns for an Indianapolis paper, and assorted other writings and lighthearted material, along with some nifty graphic images.
      3. Stuart Moulthrop. Lots of stuff on hypertext theory and practice, including a hypertextual letter to the editors of Newsweek. Various writings and projects.
      4. Spud. AKA a.h.s. boy, this site has some unusal graphic design and philosophical resources.
      5. Selena Sol. AKA Eric Tachibana, online services coordinator for EFF.
      6. Emily Way. 'Spamily' from alt.society.genx. Includes links to other gen-xers.
      7. Will-Harris House. Graphic designer Daniel Will-Harris has some wonderful resources here on typography and design.
      8. Gary Wium. Takes you for a ride into the machinations of a hyper mind.


    Net.Celebrities and Famous Home Pages
      These pages are listed because their authors are major online figures, or because the pages are very heavily-trafficked. The primary criterion for this list is not design quality, although some of these pages are truly outstanding.
    1. Phil Agre. Maintainer of the Red Rock Eaters mailing list and general guru on the Net and issues of communications and privacy.
    2. John Perry Barlow. EFF co-founder, Grateful Dead lyricist, blah, blah, blah.
    3. Stewart Brand. Author of the Whole Earth Catalog, founder of the Well, etc.
    4. John December. CMC, rhetoric, lists of Web tools, info on his book The WWW Unleashed, etc.
    5. Adam Engst. Temporary page for the creator of TidBITs and author of The Internet Starter Kit
    6. John Gilmore. Co-founder of EFF and Cypherpunks.
    7. Mike Godwin. EFF Online Counsel.
    8. Justin Hall's Links from the Underground. A highly popular, well-developed collection of pages.
    9. Mitch Kapor. Founder of the EFF.
    10. Stanton McCandlish. EFF's online activist. A really good example of a straightforward but substantial personal page.
    11. Howard Rheingold. A collection of writings and other material from the net.pundit and author of The Virtual Community.
    12. David Siegel. Exquisitely designed, with useful (although highly opinionated) information on typography, page design, and many other subjects.


    I've had to shut down the submission form that was previously on this page, due to concerns about spammers hijacking the form script. If you'd like to contact me, please send email to home@werbach.com.

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