For nearly a decade, I've been delivering insights that leading CEOs and top government officials rely upon to understand the changing world of technology.

During my time as editor of Release 1.0 and as the Internet policy expert for the Federal Communications Commission, I developed a wide-ranging base of knowledge about emerging technologies, business models, and trends. My ongoing research on cutting-edge topics in software, communications and media keeps me in contact with dozens of startups and top-level executives.

Based on my expertise, I can help companies anticipate developments, develop strategies and adapt to changing market conditions. No buzzwords, just penetrating analysis tailored to your business needs.

Some of my current and recent projects include:

  • Helping a major global media company rethink its broadband policy strategy.
  • Advising a leading venture capital firm on potential investments.
  • Assisting a European enterprise software startup looking to break into the US market.
  • Briefing the CTO of a top software company on the implications of unlicensed wireless technology.
  • Serving as an advisory board member for a collaboration software startup.

I work on a retainer, hourly or project basis, depending on the nature of the engagement. For larger engagements, I call upon a network of partners to provide additional capacity or specialized services.

If you're interested in discussing a potential relationship, please contact me at



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