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A place
to meet,
mingle, and

    *What's New

      A history of modifications and additions to these pages.


      Peruse comments from recent visitors, and add your own entry!

      *Older Guestbook
        More old guestbook entries from 1995 (I had lots of visitors!)


      An opportunity for you to send me comments on my pages, questions about HTML, hot stock tips, or anything else that's on your mind.

    *Frequently Asked Questions

      This list answers common questions about HTML, the design of these pages, and me.



    *The Bare Bones Guide to HTML

      Lists virtually every HTML tag in common usage, including the Netscape extensions, in a concise, easy-to-use format.

    *Home Page Hall of Fame

      My favorite personal home pages, culled from thousands of pages I have visited on the Web.

    *What Makes a Good Home Page

      My (brief) thoughts on the stylistic aspects of Web page design.

    *WWW Help Page

      If you're looking for resources with more information about how to create a Web page, how to use forms or imagemaps, how to create a guestbook or an access counter, or where to find graphics to use on your Web page, this page is for you!

    *Why I Did What I Did

      A discussion of how I have tried to apply Web design principles to my own pages.

    *Home Page v.1

      The original version of my home page (last updated December 1995). Tell me if you like the redesigned version better!



    *Who is Kevin Werbach, and why does he keep following me?


      A more formal summary of my education and work experience.


      These are a few of my favorite things that are NOT computer-related.



    Whirrled is a multifaceted effort to capture the oncoming shockwave of societal transformation, and to bottle it like soda pop for mass consumption.


      A playful interactive web of pages.

    *Stream of Consciousness Thoughts

      An eclectic collection of musings on assorted topics. Requires a browser that interprets Netscape tags.

    *The Page o' Stuff

      Wacky, witty, and wonderful tidbits encountered on the Net and elsewhere.

    *Looking it Up

      A slightly-expanded version of my Note published in the April, 1994 issue of the Harvard Law Review on the Supreme Court's use of dictionaries in statutory interpretation.

    *Literary Models for Alternative Social Development in Russia

      My undergraduate honors thesis on literature and society in prerevolutionary Russia. (WARNING: this document is over 150K!)

    *S/he Who Smelt It...



An eclectic
collection of
documents found
on the Net that
I consider worth



    The inevitable list of other Web pages that I happen to find interesting at the moment.

    *Home Page Links

      Links to home pages of people who have visited this site. Add your own page to the list!

    *Daily Update

      News sources to check regularly.


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All pages in this directory copyright 1995, 1996 by Kevin Werbach. Last updated February 3, 1996.