Blockchain Videos

Game Thinking TV

Understanding Bitcoin, Smart Contracts and NFTs

Interview for Game Thinking TV, April 15, 2021

Talks at Google

The Blockchain and the New Architecture of Trust

Talks at Google, Mountain View, CA, May 8, 2019

Kevin Werbach SIEPR talk

Can We Trust the Blockchain?

Stanford SIEPR, May 30, 2019

Using Blockchain to Solve Government Problems

Penn Wharton Budget Model Spring Conference, Washington DC, June 22, 2018

Algorithmic Governance by Blockchain

After The Tornado, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, November 17-18, 2017

Blockchain Financial Assets and Beyond: Legal and Regulatory Perspectives

London School of Economics Law and Financial Markets Project Conference, London, May 26, 2017

CNBC Squawk Box

Students at elite business schools bypass Wall Street for blockchain

Data Ethics Videos

2016 McGowan Symposium on Business, Leadership, and Ethics

The William G. McGowan Charitable Fund is a philanthropic family foundation established in 1993 to perpetuate William McGowan’s tradition of compassionate philanthropy and ethical leadership.

Gamification Videos

Learning from games for gamified learning

Gamification World Congress. World Trade Center, Barcelona (Spain) May 22nd - 24th, 2014.

Teaching Gamification: Astonishing Successes from MOOCs

Recorded at GSummit SF 2013.

Kevin Werbach on Gamification: Wharton Lifelong Learning Tour

Kevin Werbach talks to alumni about gamification at the Philadelphia stop of the Wharton Knowledge for Action Lifelong Learning Tour.

Gamification Talk 2014

Talk given at Socialize! by Keren Litani, June 2014, Tel Aviv

'For the Win': How Gamification Can Transform Your Business

Knowledge@Wharton spoke with Werbach and Hunter about what gamification really is, how companies are using it and pitfalls to avoid when gamifying.

Coursera Gamification MOOC: Why Gamify?

This course will teach you the mechanisms of gamification, why it has such tremendous potential, and how to use it effectively.

Internet Policy Videos

Business and Government in the Network Age

Prof. Werbach spoke as part of the 2011 BizTalks: "Five Wharton Professors - Five Game-Changing Ideas" presented by the Wharton Dean's Undergraduate Advisory Board (WAB) in conjunction with the Wharton Innovation Group.

Regulating social media in wake of London's recent terror attacks

Kevin Werbach discusses the calls to regulate social media in the wake of terror attacks in London on CNBC. 5 June 2017

What Does Net Neurtality Mean for Consumers?

Kevin Werbach explains what the FCC ruling to approve net neutrality rules means for consumers on the News Hub, Wall Street Journal Live. 26 February 2015.

New Rules for a New Age: Challenges for the FCC

Prof. Werbach discusses how advances in technology and the urgent need to restart the economy require the commission to rethink its role -- not just as a regulator, but as an agency that creates jobs and encourages investment (Knowledge@Wharton). 31 May 2009.

Communicators with Kevin Werbach

Werbach discusses the FCC Open Internet Policy on C-Span. 23 July 2014.