Past Events

Wharton Reg@Tech Workshop on Token Offerings (2017-18)

Regulatory Approaches to Cryptocurrencies and Token Sales March 9-11, 2018

After the Digital Tornado: Networks, Algorithms, Humanity (2017)

In November 2017, the Wharton School hosted a major academic conference on the topic of the transformative potential of the internet, organized by Professor Werbach.

Gameful Approaches to Motivation and Engagement (2015)

A gamification summit held at the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania titled “Gameful Approaches to Motivation and Engagement” with the hashtag #WhartonGAME, attended by many of the most influential thought-leaders in both the academic and practitioner space in the arena of gamification.

After Broadband: Imagining Hyperconnected Futures (2012)

The Wharton School and the Institute for the Future convened a one-day workshop in San Francisco in April, 2012, that brought together a group of leading technologists, entrepreneurs, academics and policymakers to explore the future of broadband over the next decade.

For The Win: Serious Gamification (2011)

For the Win is a multi-faceted project on gamification, involving both researchers and practitioners and organized by Kevin Werbach and Dan Hunter.