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English-Language Files

TEXTPlain Text (v. 4.0)
ASCII version designed for printing, or for keeping open in a text editor while you design Web pages.
HTMLFormatted (v. 4.0)
Better on-screen appearance. Also includes links to introductory materials and notes.
Explanatory material about how the Guide is organized, which tags are included, and the version history.
ZIPZip File
One compressed file (24k) containing the text version, HTML version, introductory materials, and notes. When you click on the link the file will be downloaded to your computer.


Chinese (Big 5) Iap Sin-Guan 3.0 TEXT HTML INTRO NOTES
Chinese (GB) Iap Sin-Guan 3.0 TEXT HTML INTRO NOTES
Danish Werner Knudsen 3.0 TEXT HTML INTRO
Dutch Irene Veerman 4.0 HTML NOTESINTROZIP
Estonian Henrik Veenpere 3.0 TEXT
Finnish Juhani Kantee 3.0 HTML
French Fabien Gandon
Phillipe-Alexandre Gilbert
4.0 (text) / 3.0 (HTML) TEXT HTML INTRO
German Martin Weinelt 3.0 TEXT HTML
Hebrew Demian Glait 3.0 TEXT HTML
Icelandic Arsaell Benediktsson 3.0 TEXT HTML
Indonesian Kristianto Jahja 3.0 TEXT HTML INTRO NOTES
Italian Kay Martha Quittan 4.0 TEXT HTML INTRO NOTESZIP
Japanese Hisashi Nishimura 4.0 TEXT HTML INTRONOTES
Korean Kim Byounghak 2.0 TEXT HTML
Norwegian Sondre Skaug Bjørnebekk 4.0 TEXT HTML
Portuguese Mauricio Wolff 3.0 HTML
Romanian Marian Ene 3.0 TEXT HTML
Russian (KO18) Stanislav Malyshev 3.0 HTML INTRO
Russian (CP1251) Stanislav Malyshev 3.0 HTML INTRO
Russian (CP866) Stanislav Malyshev 3.0 HTML INTRO
Slovenian Peter Hribar 3.0 TEXT HTML
Spanish Hector Lecuanda Ontiveros 3.0 HTML NOTES
Swedish Ola Jaensson 3.0 HTML INTRO NOTES
Turkish Ahmet Tevfik Inan 3.0 TEXT HTML INTRO NOTES
You are welcome to redistribute the Bare Bones Guide to HTML for any noncommercial or educational purpose, or to put a link to the Guide on your own page, but please do not modify it in any way or place the files on your own server without permission. If you wish to include the Guide in a commercial project such as a book, please contact me.

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